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We are the multimedia arm of the Fort Family. This is where we meet. Our interests, abilities and accomplishments are specially featured here, no matter where else they may be posted, precisely for the purpose of sharing ourselves with our ShackNation Family. We have many things to present, such as our hosted authors, links to many gay story sites, and the pictures, music, videos, poetry and dreams of those of our family who have opened up their lives to us. We also feature, among other things, entertainment in the form of films, TV shows and books collected especially for our community. Please feel free to wander about via the menus above and to the left. Or better yet, become a member (it's FREE) and discover even more of what we have to offer. And of course, suggestions for and contributions to any of our sections are always welcome, and encouraged. Simply contact us at to get things started.

We are ShackNation. Welcome to our home.

Please report any bugs or problems you might find to or leave a comment at the bottom of the problem page. Suggestions are welcomed both ways, too.  🙂
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