“All That Lives Must Die”

April 6, 2013 in - 60 views

All That Lives Must Die

The Immortals and the Infernals are still at it in the sequel to "Mortal Coils" (2009), and twins Eliot and Fiona, children of Lucifer and a goddess, are still caught in the middle as both sides vie to claim the half-Immortal, half-Infernal teens as their own. Having passed the life-or-death tests set up by the league of gods, the twins face even more challenges when they are admitted as freshmen to Paxington Institute, a high school for children of the gods, which has an extremely rigorous and competitive curriculum—it is possible they might not survive the first semester. Their skills of diplomacy and strategic thinking are tested, and they are trained how to use and strengthen their powers. However, Eliot and Fiona not only face the deadly perils inherent in their classes but also the machinations of the Infernals, who plan to draw the twins into a war between clans. The Immortals are also manipulating the twins, and the tale abounds with lies, plans, schemes, and double-crosses as well as death and destruction. The twins become even more multifaceted than in the first book, and the swirling intrigue is compelling.

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