“Absolutely Fabulous”

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Absolutely Fabulous

Sin Is In! This hit British comedy series began in 1992 and remains one of the BBC's highest rated and most popular shows. "Absolutely Fabulous" follows the lives of three (and later four) generations of the Monsoon family and the people around them. It began as a short French & Saunders sketch with Jennifer Saunders in her familiar role as Edina and Dawn French playing her daughter. A pilot for the series was filmed with the comediennes in those respective roles, but as the character of Saffron was written as a teenager, Julia Sawalha was cast to replace French. It also stars Joanna Lumley (Patsy Stone), along with June Whitfield (Edina's mother) and Jane Horrocks (Bubble, Katy Grin, Lola, radio voice). The series features Saunders as Edina Monsoon, a heavy-drinking, drug-abusing PR agent who spends her time chasing bizarre fads in a desperate attempt to stay young and "hip". Edina is joined in her quest by magazine editor Patsy Stone, her best friend and enabler, whose drug abuse, alcohol consumption, and promiscuity far eclipse Edina's comparatively mild self-destructive behaviour. 

Despite being a middle-aged, twice-divorced career woman, Edina is reliant upon the support of her daughter, Saffron, a secondary school pupil (and later university student) whose constant care of her mother has left her a bitter cynic.

"Absolutely Fabulous" has won and been nominated for many British television awards, and has been very popular in the USA and many other countries around the world.

Wheel's on fire, Rolling down the road! Best notify my next of kin, This wheel shall explode!

"Absolutely Fabulous"